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Increase female libido naturally with this guide on supplements and techniques to boost desire in women

Female Libido Testosterone – Boost Female Hormones For Better Orgasms

There’s some confusion regarding female libido testosterone because for most people, testosterone is related to males and male sex drive.

I’ve even heard some people claiming that testosterone is the last thing women should have to improve their sex drive.

This is totally wrong! All sexually reproductive and even menopausal women have testosterone to some degree circulating in their bodies.

Ladies don’t have the same levels of testosterone as men, but they still have some.

That’s why when levels are low, having female libido testosterone is necessary for helping sexual desire and libido levels return to normal.

Estrogen and Testosterone – Female Hormones

The main reproductive hormone in females is Estrogen. This is what boosts female libido during mid-cycle.

Low levels of estrogen during menopause lead to loss of libido and reduced sexual desire.

What many women don’t know is that low levels of testosterone can also lead to lost libido.

Testosterone is essential for keeping the hormonal balance optimal in your body.

And low testosterone levels can happen to ladies at any age, young or middle-aged.

How do testosterone levels get to be low?

Low levels of testosterone in ladies can happen for two important reasons.

Mainly, medication and menopause are responsible for weakening the sex drive.

Birth control medication

Some birth control medication is simply not good for your sexual health. Whilst you may think you absolutely need medication for birth control, you don’t.

There are other ways to prevent pregnancy. You should look into any method of birth control which doesn’t involve ingesting drugs.

In birth control pills, there’s a hormone called “sex hormone binding globulin” (SHBG).

This is a protein that binds testosterone. Therefore, some testosterone might not be available for a women’s needs.

Even when you stop taking the pill, your testosterone levels may still be low. You may need a boost to get your body balanced again.


Menopausal ladies nearly all see their testosterone levels dip. This is a logical consequence of aging and the menopause.

Obviously, very few women like to lose their sexual desire and their partner may want to help them too if their libido is still lively.

What can be done to increase testosterone levels?

Increasing testosterone levels to improve lagging libido in young or menopausal ladies can be done a number of ways.

The good news is, that you can do something about it now.

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Female Libido Medication – Natural Solutions

Female libido medication is what many women tend to look for as a quick fix for when their sex drive is weak or even lost.

Smart women tend to look for herbal libido supplements or natural methods of increasing female libido.

Medication or natural herbal solutions?

In fact, many women actually confuse medication with natural solutions. For many menopausal women, female libido medication means receiving testosterone treatment to improve sexual desire.

Most treatments that work are in fact entirely natural solutions and are not chemical.

This is great news for women as natural or herbal solutions are those which provide real long term solutions and almost exclusively without side effects.

The causes of your low libido

The best solution for you depends on your age and the reason why your libido is low.

You may simply be stressed and lacking energy. You may be taking a birth control pill that doesn’t agree with you. Or you may be simply menopausal.

Natural supplements such as HerSolution have saved many women’s marriages by improving libido dramatically.

But you should also be aware that libido problems with women can be related to the mind too.

What is interesting is how natural supplements boost energy, well-being and confidence in women and men alike. This can enable them to overcome issues that appear to be related to the mind and can help you overcome a lack of confidence.

The best aphrodisiacs are all natural ones which is why many women are reporting healthy libidos, enjoyable sex and pleasurable orgasms as a result of using natural supplements.

Watch the HerSolution video to find out how it works

Women lacking in sexual energy

If you’re quite simply tired, not functioning well, stressed and lacking sleep, then sex may be difficult for you.

Female libido medication prescribed by doctors is rarely effective long term and can even cause you to end up with a lower libido due to negative side effects.

Instead of using female libido medication, more and more women are turning to natural remedies to stimulate libido.

The following libido herbs help to boost sex drive, energy and general health levels. Some of them help to reduce stres and improve your sleep as well as your sexual desire, all of which is beneficial for libido and happiness.

Maca Root

Numerous ladies of all ages are now taking Maca, which has come to the attention those seeking to increase libido as well as general health and energy levels in recent years.

Maca root is a plant extract fromSouth Americaand has been used to reduce stress, improve energy levels and enhance libido in both males and females for many centuries.

Its libido boosting qualities have been reported to be very positive for many ladies. Notably, Maca helps to reduce stress and channel energy correctly throughout the body.

Its libido enhancing qualities are also due to its high value nutritional properties.

This study on Maca reveals it to have many libido enhancing properties for both women and men. 

This study on the benefits of maca reveals how beneficial it is to libido and on improving general health levels.


Ginseng is a plant that has been successfully used for centuries to treat sexual dysfunction in both females and males. 

As this study reveals, Ginseng is highly effective at improving energy, increasing good blood circulation and enhancing female libido.

Most women who take Ginseng report that they enjoy lovemaking more, have more energy and are more resistant to illnesses and tiredness.

Men and women report reduced stress levels and a better sex life.

For ladies experiencing low libido due to tiredness or stress, Ginseng can be the right solution.

Menopausal women

Herbs to stimulate desire during menopause

For ladies experiencing the menopause, a dip in testosterone levels can be the reason why your sexual desire is plummeting.

Whilst this is normal, you can still increase your libido.

Herbs such as Maca, Ginseng, horny goat weed and ginger root all work to encourage your body to naturally produce more sexual hormones.

Testosterone levels can be optimized naturally using a combination of the above herbs. Herbal supplements such as HerSolution successfully combines many of these herbs to encourage natural sexual desire and hormonal balance.

Increasing energy levels and blood circulation is also necessary for improving sexual desire in ladies where the menopause appears to be taking its toll and affecting sexual activity.

Low libido caused by medication or drugs

Low female libido can be caused by the wrong birth control pill or other medication, such as anti-depressants or epilepsy drugs.

Some ladies report that using female libido medication prescribed by a doctor actually lowered their libido further.

If this is your case, then it’s obviously better that you stop all other medication in order to get the best results.

At least discuss the possibility of stopping medication with the doctor who is prescribing it. It may not be necessary at all for you.

Natural supplements such as Libido Edge help by addressing the balance in the nervous system and encouraging natural hormone production while boosting energy levels and desire.

Finding a lifestyle and diet that helps to detox your body faster often leads to increasing sex drive and the return of sexual desire for many women who have reason to believe that medication has affected their libido.

Follow the link below for a full explanation on how to detox from medication and return to optimal hormonal balance. 

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Female Libido Enhancer – The Best Aphrodisiacs For Boosting Sex Drive

Female libido enhancer reviews help you to decide if these all natural aphrodisiacs can really improve your life and boost sex drive naturally.

For girls, a lack of sex in a relationship can cause tension, disappointment and in some cases, even infidelity.

Ladies don’t have a magic blue pill to take, and who would really want one anyway?

All natural female libido enhancers are the most effective way of boosting libido and desire naturally.

What Makes A Female Libido Enhancer?

On this site, we only review products for women and men that really work.

There are a thousand libido enhancing natural products out there, so how do we decide which ones to review?

Here are some criteria which the products have to meet:

All natural – Natural products are powerful, potent and just as likely to help you enjoy sex as any other product, but moreover, they are very healthy.

Side effects such as improved memory, concentration and general energy and glow are just a few of the added benefits of natural aphrodisiacs.

Contain the most powerful combination of ingredients – only the best balance of strong herbs helps your libido improve naturally. Years of research have taught us which ones they are.

Are guaranteed – Female libido enhancers, like it or not, don’t work for every girl out there. The least we can do is choose products that are guaranteed to work and that offer a refund if they don’t.

* Have a safe ordering system and customer service – As many of the best natural aphrodisiacs are now sold over the Internet, it’s essential to be able to feel safe and know that if ever there is a problem with delivery, you can call someone. We also like to know that paying online is secure.

The Best Female Libido Enhancers

The following are lotions (or creams) and supplements that work to help to boost female sexual hormones naturally, increase the blood flow in the vaginal area, and stimulate the female libido to increase the frequency of sexual desire and thoughts.

For most women, these entirely natural and healthy products stimulate sexual appetite, can help women to enjoy sex and can produce intense orgasms.

1. HerSolution

You may have heard of HerSolution, but how does it really work?

The best way to find out how effective it is is to analyze the content and explain how this can help you.

Low female libido is caused by declining levels of hormones (menopause), tiredess, stress and side effects of medication (ie. birth control pills).

As the maker of this natural female libido enhancer can’t tailor their products to individuals, they aim to target every cause of low libido in women.

Hormone boosters

For both menopausal girls and women who take the birth control pill, HerSolution includes Tribulus, Hops and DHEA. All of these help your body to regulate hormones naturally, increasing levels of estrogen and testosterone accordingly.

Pleasure enhancers

Horny goat weed and Mucuna Pruriens and natural aphrodisiacs. Just one of these herbs is enough to make a difference to your libido.

Aphrodisiacs herbs help to boost your desire when your libido is low after absence of sexual activity. If you haven’t felt like sex for a while, an aphrodisiac helps a great deal.

Mood Enhancer

HerSolution improves mood and reduces stress by including melatonin. This is what regulates natural sleep in your body and for most people, helps to reduce stress.

If you have had children, are feeling burnt out and tired or are just stressed, melatonin can help to boost your mood.


This female libido enhancer is the best-seller for a good reason: it really works for most girls.

To boost libido naturally, increase energy and have a continuous healthy glow about you, HerSolution can work wonders.

No natural supplement works for every single girl out there as psychological complications can also affect female libido.

However, a powerful aphrodisiac can help your confidence return and maybe you’ll overcome any psychological blockage to sex after a few days or weeks of taking the supplements.

Where To Find HerSolution

This powerful natural sex drive booster is sold through one point only: the official website.

There is no reseller, so the lowest price is guaranteed.

The ordering system is perfectly safe and if there is any issue with delivery or payment, customer service will gladly help you find a solution.

HerSolution is also guaranteed.

Visit the HerSolution website to see how you can start enjoying sex again from tomorrow

2. Female Libido Enhancer Cream

Let’s face it, sometimes we just want a quick fix, an instant magic libido boost which lets us have enjoyable, highly intense and pleasurable sex.

Sometimes, we may forget to take our supplements, or we might take them too late and have vaginal dryness and low desire when the moment presents itself.

This is when rubbing cream around the vaginal area can help a lady become aroused fast, within minutes.

Which Female Libido Enhancer Cream?

Vigorelle is a powerful natural lotion that you can apply to yourself for a horny libido boost within a few minutes.

Discreetly applying this lotion to the vaginal area takes only seconds, yet the effects can last for hours, or as long as you continue to apply the product.

If you want to make love for hours and your partner is willing, then Vigorelle can give you an instant libido kick.

You should feel your vagina become warm and tingly, and at this point, be feeling a strong desire for sex.

For many women, sex will be more intense and enjoyable, and some succeed in experiencing waves of pleasure through multiple orgasms.

How Does Cream Or Lotion Work?

* Touch and feel will become more intense as L-Arginine in the lotion improves blood flow in the vaginal area.

* Desire is boosted naturally and you feel confident and in control, more importantly you want sex and you feel a need to be satisfied.

* You may even manage to have one or several shuddering orgasms, the ultimate female satisfaction.

* You’ll feel naturally lubricated and the feeling of penetration will be pleasurable instead of painful.

Where To Find Vigorelle

This instant female libido enhancer cream is available through its official website.

The ordering system is perfectly safe and secure and a guarantee, as well as a magic bullet (click on the link below to find out what it is) awaits you as a bonus gift.

Visit the Vigorelle website to find out about the instant female libido enhancer to help you enjoy sex

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Female Libido Booster Reviews For Enhancing Sex

Female libido booster reviews can help you to decide which enhancer is the most powerful and effective to increase your pleasure, give you more chances of reaching orgasm and overcome the common problem of vaginal dryness.

Why might you need a libido boost? Sometimes, it’s normal to get tired and to have low desire and not really be interested in sex.

However, men are sensitive sometimes, more than you may realize. He may start to think you don’t love him, or you’re seeing someone else. You don’t want him to think that or to masturbate instead of making love to you.

Potent Aphrodisiacs Can Help Relationships

Before we review the best potent aphrodisiacs out there to decide which one will work for you, why do women sometimes suffer from low libido?

The Causes Of Low Female Libido

Low female libido is caused by a number of factors and is common in both younger and older ladies.


The menopause and declining levels of estrogen (the female reproductive hormone) and lower levels of testosterone (also present and necessary for sexual function) are a very common cause.

Medication And Stress

However, many young ladies need to revive their libido on occasions and may find that vaginal dryness causes them pain during intercourse. This can be down to tiredess, stress and even side effects of medication, such as birth control pills.

Female libido boosters are currently very popular among smart girls because they are made of entirely natural substances and are kind to the body.

Reduce Stress And Increase Energy

Natural herbal enhancers can also reduce stress and improve general energy levels.

Does this sound interesting to you? Read these female libido booster reviews to see which one you’ll choose and start enjoying sex again within just a few days!

1. HerSolution


A blend of natural and powerful aphrodisiacs to enhance pleasure, a hormonal surge to increase desire and a boost to the blood circulation where it matters sounds almost too good.

Does HerSolution really do this? Let’s see how.

The natural aphrodisiacs and herbs this supplement combine female libido boosters for increased pleasure (Mucuna Pruriens, Horny Goat Weed) together with hormone-increasing herbs (Tribulus, hops, DHEA) that all boost your estrogen levels.

With both menopausal and young ladies, insufficient estrogen and even reduced levels of testosterone can cause vaginal dryness and low libido.

For ladies that become stressed and tired, it even includes the mood-improving natural substance melatonin which improves sleep and reduces stress.


* HerSolution can be used by both younger and menopausal ladies to help with natural vaginal lubrification and enjoying pleasurable, satisfying sex again.

* For those ladies experiencing pain during intercourse or with severe vaginal dryness, the natural surge in the hormones estrogen and testosterone have helped ladies have their first powerful orgasms in years.

*HerSolution is entirely natural and can also reduce stress, improve energy levels and feelings of well-being.

* HerSolution is guaranteed to improve your sex life by the manufacturers.

*The price is very reasonable. Men can pay over $20 for one viagra tablet (in Europe it can cost 16-18€ per tablet), and at 49€ per pack of 30, HerSolution works out to be the same price as high quality vitamins.


* This female libido booster is only available to order online and not in a local store.

* Powerful herbal aphrodisicas can not always be effective for ladies suffering from low libido for psychological reasons (for example, past traumas) although they can help to some degree.

Where To Find It

The best place to find this powerful female libido booster is over on their official website.

Visit the HerSolution website to start to see how you can enjoy sex

2. Vigorelle

Libido boosting enhancer creams and lotions can be very effective and we feel so much better about ourselves if they are entirely natural and not synthetic.

So what makes Vigorelle interesting? Apart from being reviewed on Fox News, the effect on your sex drive is almost instantaneous.

Natural supplements are great and they are very powerful. However, we all know that you can forget to to take your supplements or, be surprised by some morning activity.

So what’s your backup plan? You apply some lotion down there, which naturally increases blood flow and makes you feel hot and sexy.


* You become more sensitive to stimulation as L-Arginine improves blood circulation around the clitoris and labia.

* You’re a more active, eager and excited partner with more sexual thoughts and higher desire.

* Able to attain extraordinary and/or multiple climaxes! Most women find their orgasms enhanced with sexual potent lotion.

* The one-touch mini-bullet (delivered with the lotion) helps stimulate your vagina and kick start it into action fast * Especially effective for providing natural vaginal lubrification for women who have vaginal dryness fast.


* Some ladies prefer supplements for sexual pleasure and libido enhancing – Vigorelle is lotion

* Again, this lotion is not available in health stores. However, the price would probably be a bit higher if it was.

Where To Find Vigorelle

The good news is that it’s available through a single official website. There is no reseller, no middle man and no broker.

There is dedicated customer service and an safe, secure ordering system for online purchases.

Jump to the Vigorelle website to see how this instant female libido booster works

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Female Dryness – How To Naturally Lubricate For Great Sex

Female dryness is the enemy of all girls who enjoy good, pleasurable sex. A dry vagina is typically experienced by menopausal women, but younger women too can frequently have issues with vaginal lubrification.

The main problem with a dry vagina is painful intercourse and the frustration that it can bring into a couple’s life.

Vaginal dryness and low libido generally leads to less frequent sex, a lack of orgasms, unpleasurable intercourse and pains in the vaginal area.

We’ll discuss the causes of female dryness and how it is possible for you to naturally improve your intimate lubrification and enjoy pleasurable, satisfying sex once again.

The Causes Of Female Dryness

The causes of vaginal dryness and painful intercourse are fairly simply to understand.

Most menopausal ladies experience some degree of vaginal dryness, possible low libido and difficulties enjoying sexual relations.

Younger ladies can also experience low libido and intimate dryness, often as a result of medication. The most common reason for low desire and a dry vagina with young ladies is the birth control pill.

We’ll discuss the causes of dryness and how you can treat your problem easily and naturally.

Cause #1 Of Female Dryness – The Menopause

Many, although not all women reading this are likely to be menopausal, or perimenopausal.

Why do you suffer from female dryness, low libido and painful sex when your menopause begins?

The menopause signals that the female body is nearing the end of the reproductive cycle. It is the time in a women’s life when her sexual and reproductive hormones slow down and are sharply reduced.

This explains why women experience many symptoms related to menopause; the hormonal changes that are taking place are significant.

One of these symptoms is vaginal dryness. Dryness stops us enjoying sex as we should do. Women can have difficulties lubriciating, sex is not as enjoyable as it was and the vaginal pains can linger long after intercourse is over.

How To Have Healthy Enjoyable Sex With Natural Lubrification

Given that the cause of vaginal dryness in this case is low levels of estrogen and testosterone, it makes sense to boost our hormones naturally.

More and more women now are enjoying using natural gels which increase libido, sexual pleasure and improve vaginal lubrification by encourage hormonal production and blood flow towards the clitoris and vagina.

Using a natural stimulating gel is a great example of a natural gel to beat vaginal lubrification.

Many women are actually enjoying sex even more than during their fertile, younger years thanks to libido-boosting gels which contain ingredients such as L-Arginine, .

Women are able to boost their hormones naturally in less time and as a result, sex becomes highly pleasure once again. Who knows, you may even experience some powerful orgasms.

Cause #2 Of Vaginal Dryness: Medication And Treatments

Many ladies reading this article are actually young and healthy and are shocked to experience a sudden decrease in libido and painful intercourse as a result of dryness.

In a relationship, dryness and painful sex can cause tension and frustration. A girl can become sad and despondent at being incapable of enjoying sexual relationships like she used to.

Other girls are disappointed that vaginal dryness prevents them from the pleasure of the powerful orgasms they once experienced.

Certain treatments, most notably the birth control pill, can cause hormonal disruptions in a girl’s body.

There are other treatments which women claim to cause dryness and low libido.

If you can, avoid taking these treatments or change them for different brands instead.

You’ll benefit greatly by using natural supplements to boost your hormones to optimal levels again.

Women using natural supplements for female libido report that their vagina is now naturally lubricated, they want sex more often and they can experience satisfying, powerful orgasms once again.

Using natural aphrodisiacs helps to boost libido to healthy, enjoyable and energetic levels once again. There’s a good chance you’ll even find sex more pleasurable than before.

To see how it all works and how you can benefit from using natural supplements, watch the video by clicking on the link below.

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Natural Female Aphrodisiacs – How To Improve Female Libido

There is so much information on natural female aphrodisiacs that it’s becoming almost impossible to distinguish genuinely good reviews from bad products which do nothing to improve female libido.

There are two types of people who search for natural female aphrodisiacs: women and men.

For the ladies looking for solutions

If you’re a lady here looking to boost up your sex drive, enjoy sex that much more and maybe reach orgasm more often, then natural herbs and supplements can be very helpful.

No one says that using herbs alone will perform miracles (we’ll talk about that more soon) but they can certainly help you to want sex more often and to enjoy sex that much more when you have it.

Yes you may even find that you can reach orgasm using female aphrodisiacs whereas previously you couldn’t. Your orgasms can even be more intense with a bit of luck.

For the men looking for solutions

Very often, a mismatched libido can cause a bit of tension and you as a man may need sex more than she does.

Ever find yourself wondering if you should masturbate in private or maybe, be unfaithful for sex? You wouldn’t be the only one.

But no one wants to sneak off to masturbate, or to cheat on the love of their life for meaningless (but good) sex when your own wife’s libido could be improved so easily with herbal solutions.

For the men here, you’re making a good move and taking positive initiative by choosing to help your wife or partner boost her libido.

Reviews Of Female Aphrodisiacs

There are a number of natural herbs for women that I’m reviewing here. I try to give the best and most objective information, citing both positive and negative sides.

There are so many products that aren’t what they claim to be, and many fake reviews.

Regarding customer reviews, you’ll see mixed reviews for almost any female enhancement product.

Why is this always the case?

This is because female libido can be affected by psychological conditions as well as physical. Some women don’t realize that a physical solution to a psychological problem is unlikely to work every time.

1. HerSolution Review

HerSolution covers all the bases and potential reasons for boosting female libido.


* Younger ladies who have been on birth control and are experiencing vaginal dryness and low desire, feel improved energy and the enjoy sex once more.

* Menopausal girls who are experiencing painful intercourse due to lack of vaginal lubrification and low estrogen levels are now enjoying sex again and seeing improvements in their relationships.

* Women who are too stressed and tired can benefit as HerSolution contains a serotonin boosting ingredient: melatonin.


* Women with psychological blocages to intercourse may still not feel the maximum benefit of the aphrodisiac herbs.

Where to find HerSolution

Find out more on the offical HerSolution website

2. Femtia Review

All elements considered, Femtia seems to be a pretty good female aphrodisiac supplement that boosts blood circulation in the sexual regions, improves general desire levels and intensifies enjoyment for most women.

For the price, it’s good value, especially when compared to most other supplements.


* Femtia increases sensitivity of sexual organs in most women

* It boosts blood circulation in the vital sexual organs

* It can definitely help with vaginal dryness, a common female libido issue

* The value is good compared to other products


* Some women claim it makes them drowsy

* For some women the aphrodisiac effects are limited or minimal

2. Female Treasure Review

I decided to review Female Treasurebecause it’s especially well adapted to ladies in their menopause.

Female Treasure is a great hormone-balancing supplement that promotes healthy blood circulation, regulates mood and boosts energy.

According to some users, it’s easier to become pregnant with Female Treasure.


* Excellent for menopausal (post or peri-menopausal)

* All round increased sensitivity and energy booster

* Helps to regulate mood and stay calm


Female Treasure is a little pricey, even most women get what they pay for.

In this case, it’s better to buy 2 or 3 packs at the same time to save shipping costs

Find Female Treasure prices and more customer reviews

3. Provestra Review

You may have found many different reviews ofProvestra on the Internet.

It seems to be quite a hyped supplement forfemale enhancement, with it being reviewed on a number of different websites.

The results are quite mixed. It seems likeProvestra does work for women who have vaginal dryness, but for those who are simply lacking in desire and excitement, Provestra falls short for many women.


* Helps with vaginal dryness, a common symptom of low libido in women

* An all round female libido enhancer, Provestra can help women experience more intense energy and pleasure (women who are young, menopausal or somewhere in between).

* Provestra has a professional website, with a secure and safe ordering system


* Some women don’t experience the positive effects they are supposed to after taking Provestra

* Provestra is fairly pricey too, but on the other hand it is guaranteed (if it doesn’t work just return it and get refunded)

Where to find it

Lots of information about the benefits and discounts on Provestra can be found on the Official Provestra Website.

The Verdict On Natural Female Aphrodisiacs

Natural female aphrodisiacs to boost sexual desire for women can work very well indeed.

It’s clear that women both young and old are experiencing higher sex drive, increased fertility and better, more intense pleasure during sex using herbs.

For many girls, herbs have helped save their libido, improve their pleasurable sensations and even helped them conceive.

However, not all women will find taking these supplements will boost sex drive and heighten pleasure.

The causes of a low sex drive in females are not always resolved using herbs and aphrodisiacs, simply because female libido is influenced by a wider range of factors.

Men can occasionally suffer from poor sexual performance due to past traumas, stress and tiredess. Women appear to be more susceptible to low libido for psychological reasons and as a result, sometimes they don’t address the real cause of their lack of desire.

Which herb is the best for female enhancement?

If herbal supplements such as the above work for you, then Hersolution is the best all round female supplement I have reviewed.

If herbal supplements don’t work so well for you, then you might like to try hypnotherapy for improving female libido.

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Decreased Female Libido – How To Enhance A Woman’s Sex Drive

Decreased female libido or low sex drive is no fun when it happens to you.

Even women who’ve enjoyed good sex all their lives can suddenly experience the effects of low libido and no sexual desire.

Sometimes, a libido mismatch creates friction and unhappiness in a relationship.

It’s wrong to leave it and to do nothing about it. It takes some courage to look for solutions.

Having decreased sex drive is not your fault and generally occurs for reasons that are beyond your conscious control.

Fortunately, there are solutions that can help you.

Lack of sexual energy

A general lack of sexual energy can be the reason you feel low and you have a decreased female libido.

This can be from overworking, poor quality time with your partner, children or any other issue that can cause stress and feeling overworked.

The solution

The best solutions are herbal remedies that bring back energy and boost your libido naturally. 

Libido boosters for increasing sex drive and energy

Menopause and libido

For women approaching or experiencing the menopause, a change in sexual energy is normal.

Most women reach their menopause by their early 50s. The menopause signals the end of the fertile life of a women and this tends to mean a decreased female libido.

Estrogen production is reduced and testosterone production is much lower.

This leads to a low sex drive and reduced sexual desire.

Some women are fine with this and can live happily. Others prefer to remain sexual and continue to enjoy the benefits that sexual activity can bring them. 

Increasing libido for menopausal women

Birth control or other medication

Certain types of birth control pills, anti-depressant pills or treatment for epilepsy (amongst others) can be behind your sudden dip in libido levels.

If you’re not menopausal or stressed and you suddenly feel as though your libido has deserted you, you’ll need to look at changing or stopping your medication completely.


Much medication administered to us these days is pushed by pharmaceutical companies whose only interest is their profits.

This isn’t a criticism, it’s just the truth. Many doctors are encouraged to prescribe their medication to people like you.

Epilepsy medication for example, can work very well. What is really unfortunate is that there can be side effects.

On occasions, you can experience the side effects months or even years later.

Whilst this is most disheartening, you can still recover your lost libido.

As well as stopping medication altogether (if you can), herbal libido solutions together with detoxing methods are the fastest way to recovery.

Herbal remedies to improve sex drive 

How to detox the body following medication

Lack of quality sleep and stress

Stress can lead to a lack of sleep, less sleep can lead to further stress and so on.

This plays havoc with your sex drive and can cause tension as well as sexual anxiety.

Most women need to be relaxed in order to make love and be satisfied.

How do you get quality sleep, reduce stress and improve libido all at the same time?

Fortunately, it’s absolutely possible to do this without ever taking any unnatural sleeping pills.

By Frank R. Jemson, Health Practitioner 

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